BTS are on vacation until October, but ARMYs isn’t! There’s a lot of BTS content we can look forward in the next days to come.
Here’s everything that fans have to look forward to this month and more reasons to look forward to see BTS comeback appearances and more..
September 1 – Jungkook’s birthday
September 3 – Bring The Soul Episode 2 (“Passion”)
September 10 – Bring The Soul Episode 3 (“Relationship”)
September 12 – RM’s birthday
September 12 to 14 – “BTS Variety Chronicles”
SBS will be airing a special Chuseok variety show over the holiday that’s all about BTS. This collection of BTS’s greatest variety show moments will air sometime between September 12 to 14.
September 17 – Bring The Soul Episode 4 (“Influence”)
Episode 4’s thematic title is “Influence”. So far the summary for this episode and subsequent episodes has not been released.
September 24 – Bring The Soul Episode 5 (“Cordiality”)
September 26 – 2019 Summer Package in Korea release date
ARMYs who have ordered this year’s Summer Package can look forward to seeing BTS vacationing in the Korean countryside.
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