BTS Announces they're taking a much-needed break to focus on ''Rest'' and ''Relaxation''. We ARMYs were thrilled finding out and we are so happy that they finally are taking a rest after world tours, movies, new albums and more.

Wondering what the boys are doing while they’re on vacation? (Don’t worry, we are, too.)

This year, they’re keeping it local, sharing a clip of their BTS summer package from South Korea. What, exactly is the BTS summer package?

Even though BTS is on vacation, that doesn’t mean they can’t produce any content. Their summer package is coming up soon.

It’s basically an annual release of BTS on vacation in summer while doing some photoshoot. The group did summer packages before, showcasing locations in Saipan, Dubai, and Kota Kinabalu. However, this year’s summer package takes place in Korea.

The trailer highlights each member’s beauty in the scenic Korean countryside. They look like they stepped right out of a K-Drama!


Even though they’re on vacation, fans still see them on social media and particularly on V-Live, where some of the members host live streams.

BTS 2019 Summer Package will be released on September 26, 2019.

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