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Here are the Answers


How many movies have been made so far (not counting the one currently in production)

Answer > 6


Which jedi was NOT part of the jedi council?

Answer > Anakin Skywalker


On what planet did Obi Wan discover the clone army?

Answer > Kamino


Which of the Skywalker twins was born first?

Answer > Luke


Who is the chosen one?

Answer > Luke


What was the Army of Light?

Answer > An army created by the Jedi prior to the Russian Reformations


What are the three Jedi classes?

Answer > Knight, Master, Padawan


What planet was the Jedi Order originally based on?

Answer > Tython


What planet is Padme Amidala from?

Answer > Naboo


What planet is Luke Skywalker's new Jedi order based on?

Answer > Yavin 4


What planet did Qui Gon Jinn discover Anakin Skywalker on?

Answer > Tatoonie


What year did the Great Jedi Purge and the execution of Order 66 take place?

Answer > 19 BBY


What are Corusant's festival weeks called?

Answer > Jedi Week, Republic Week, Festival of Lights


What year did the Clone wars start?

Answer > 22 BBY


In the movies, who was the grand master of the Jedi Order?

Answer > Yoda


Who was the Supreme Chancellor of the Republic before being replaced by Palpatine?

Answer > Tarsus Valorum





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