Etude House Better Lips-Talk (# BE101 Dancing China) | Vivid Color Long-Lasting Lipstick with Hydro Shine

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  • LONG LASTING LIPSTICK: gives vivid color and hydro shine to the lips throughout the day
  • HIGH PIGMENTATION: Texture that clearly applies with high pigmentation
  • MOISTURIZING LIP COLOR: High-shine and transparent layer prevents your lips from drying out, keeps them moisturized
  • NEUTRAL COLOR match well on any complexion
  • BEST DESIGN: Simply designed magnetic cap stays more secure and allows you to apply more conveniently

Product Description

Better Lips-Talk Velvet

My Favorite Color That Actually Looks Better on Me BetterColor!


  • You can easily pick your favorite color in a various range of color palette!
  • 10 shades of Better Color with neutral/muted colors that match well on any complexion.


Velvet Texture That Softly Applies on Your Lips BetterVelvetTexture!


  • Velvet powder complex increases soft texture and adherence which delivers high color pay-off and soft adherence with just one swipe.


The Most Softly Touched Velvet Lips Better Velvet Lips!


  • Light-weight velvet texture fills in wrinkles and curves of the lips that will help you achieve a soft and clean lip make-up.


The Most Wanted Case Design Better Design!


  • Simply designed magnetic cap stays more secure and allows you to apply more conveniently.


BE105 Dusty Peach BE101 Dancing China

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