ETUDE HOUSE Zero Sebum Drying Powder - Oil Control No Sebum Powder with 80% Mineral, Makes Skin Downy

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  • No sebum powder, contains 80% mineral that makes skin look clear and matte without clumps.
  • Control the extra with control powder and make a clear skin with mineral powder.
  • Sugar Polymer which controls the extra oil and Cotton extract which improves health of your skin, make your skin downy.
  • No 5 Materials : Pigment Synthesis, Mineral Oil, Talc, Animal raw material, Artificial Fragrance
  • How to Use : After applying basic skincare products or makeup, gently apply on areas with excessive sebum in a tapping motion.

Product Description

Zero Sebum Drying Powder

01 Clear Skin


  • Controls the extra sebum with control powder and makes a clear skin with mineral powder.


02 Sugar Polymer & Cotton Extract


  • Sugar Polymer which controls the extra oil and cotton extract which improves the skin barrier


03 5 Free Ingredient Callouts


  • Talc, mineral oil, animal raw materials, pigment synthesis, artificial fragrance


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