FaceTory 7 Days of Glow Skincare Set for Oily Skin

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  • A box filled with 3 full-sized skincare products and 4 sheet masks best catered to YOUR skin type. In this box, you'll find the perfect skincare routine for oily skin types! This package is stuffed with skincare favorites that work together to purify, soothe and balance the skin
  • 7 Days of Glow for oily skin contains a full skincare routine to help control sebum and oil production, purify pores, and help calm inflammations and acne-prone skin
  • The 7 Days of Glow Oily box contains: 1 gentle pore-cleansing face wash, 1 balancing toner, 4 hydrating sheet masks, and 1 soothing moisturizer to help moisturize the skin while healing blemishes and fading acne scars
  • Tested and tried by FaceTory to help soothe, heal, and balance skin. Great for skin dealing with excess oil production, acne, dark spots, blackheads, visible pores and an oily shine

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