FaceTory Ultimate Story Collection (FaceTory Mask Collection and Artemisia Duo with Beauty Fridge)

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Hydrating, Brightening, and Clarifying Masks with Gentle Toner and Crème
  • Sheet masks are great for brightening the skin, smoothing out skin texture, and adding a healthy radiance. It also adds a burst of hydration to ensure the skin is functioning properly.
  • A skincare fridge will help products last longer while also adding a cool sensation and depuffing effect when products are applied. Take your skincare to the next level with a skincare fridge.
  • Portable Fridge to place in room, bathroom vanity, or in car
  • The FaceTory Artemisia Duo includes a creme and toner. These products are great for all skin types but works espeically well for oily skin types. They are lightweight products that sink into the skin.
  • This product is great for people who love skincare and for those who want to get into a solid skincare routine. These skincare products are made with gentle ingredients that work well with many skin types.

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