ETUDE HOUSE Heart Blossom Cheek

Color: Just Clicked
Sale price$40.95


Wet Coated Oil-Blinder Base Powder with Fine Pearl Reflect Light to Give your Cheeks a Cherry Blossom Color Shine

  • PEARL POWDER CHEEK makes the cheeks blossom brightly like cherry blossoms
  • FAINT PINK TINGE: wet coated so that every particle can be evenly coated
  • COLORFUL: Clearly express its color pigment to create a more catchy look
  • SHINY PEARLS: Fine pearl powders reflects light allowing your cheeks to have a rosh shine
  • OIL-BINDER BASE POWDER allows you to evenly apply the blush on your cheeks
Heart Blossom Cheek (#OR201 Just Clicked)
Heart Blossom Cheek (#PK004 My Little Blossom)

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