IM MEME - IM Heart Stamp blusher

Shade: #001 Beloved Red
Sale price$81.56


Who says putting on blusher can’t be fun? With this heart-shaped stamp blusher, you can enjoy a bit of quirky fun while doing your makeup! Simply twist, stamp then blend with this creamy blusher.

How to Use:

  1. Twist the top of the container to take out the puff.
  2. Stamp the applicator into the blush and apply on cheeks.
  3. Blend using your fingers or a puff.

Colors Available:

  • #001 Beloved Red
  • #002 Crush On Coral
  • #003 Blushed Pink

Brand: Meme Box 
Ships from Korea
Estimated Delivery 7 to 14 days

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