IM MEME - IM TicToc Lipstick

Shade: Satin 001 Red Ribbon
Sale price$69.66


**AUTHENTIC IM MEME - IM TicToc Lipstick**

A heart shape lipstick collection comes with 10 colors, ranging from nude beige, cherry red to burgundy. Its semi-matte and velvety formula glide smoothly with long-lasting color.

Colors Available:

  • 001 Red Ribbon
  • 002 Orange Bodysuit
  • 003 Scarlet Dress
  • 004 Blush Cami
  • 005 Coral Tutu
  • 006 Marsala Robe
  • 007 Pink Bomber
  • 008 Brick Slip
  • 009 Nude Romper
  • 010 Mahogany Satin
Brand: Meme Box 
Ships from South Korea
Estimated Delivery 7 to 14 days

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