SNP - Bird's Nest Aqua Moisturizing Korean Skin Care Bundle

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Maximum Hydration & Protection for All Dry Skin Types

  • SNP PREMIER BIRD'S NEST BUNDLE: We've put together the SNP Bird's Nest Bundle for you to try out and see the amazing results these products have to offer!
  • AMPOULE MASK: The #1 selling mask from SNP is the Bird's Nest Ampoule Mask. Use daily for optimal results.
  • UNDER-EYE PATCHES: Most commonly bought with the Ampoule Mask is the complimentary SNP Eye Patch product line. To be used on a daily basis as well after experiencing the amazing benefits from the Ampoule Mask
  • WATER SLEEPING PACK: The hidden secret to nighttime rejuvenation. Just before bed, apply this sleeping mask to continue the efforts of the sheet mask and eye patches prolonged throughout the night.

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