SNP - Korean Spa Sheet Mask Gift Set

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4 Different Masks for All Skin Types
Moisturizing, Firming, Soothing, & Nourishing
Includes 30 Sheets

  • BIRD NEST AMPOULE MASK: 10 Sheets, this mask is SNP's premier Korean face sheet mask. With superior moisturizing capabilites, no other mask compares to the quality of the Bird's Nest Ampoule Mask
  • RED GINSENG: 10 Sheets, the Red Ginseng Essence Mask is intended to nourish the skin from within. Red Ginseng provides instant nutrition to strengthen and balance skin to create a smooth-looking complexion.
  • BIO-CELL FIRMING: 5 Sheets, the Bio-Cell Firming mask utilizes nature and science together to provide additional qualities not normally found in other sheet masks. Perfect at tightening loose and saggy facial features.
  • SUPERCHARGED ROSE: 5 Sheets, the Supercharged Rose mask contains concentrated rose extract to sooth and calm sensitized and irritated skin. Perfect for relaxing after a very stressful day.
  • GREAT GIFT: This is the perfect gift for your wife, mother, girlfriend, or a special loved one that takes beauty and personal care seriously. SNP products are unrivaled by competition and are the perfect gift for your friends and family.

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