SNP mini - Travel Skin Care Set

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Cream, Essence, Toner, Serum, Tone-Up Cream & Cleansing Foam
for All Skin Types - 1 Pouch of Each - 6 Packs

About this item

  • TRY THEM ALL: The SNP mini Variety Pack has 1 pouch of each item from this amazing skin care line. Each item has a unique set of features and benefits that compliment each other perfectly.
  • SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE: Because each SNP mini has a specific set of features and benefits catered to its use, the Variety Pack includes one of each SNP mini to offer the complete and full spectrum of the SNP mini line.
  • DIY BEAUTY: Each and every SNP mini is geared to be used in combination with some of your favorite skin care products. Review each item to see how you can turn the SNP mini into a personalized skin care product specialized to you.
  • TRAVEL READY: Using a spout pouch design to keep it slim and easy to carry, you can enjoy the great benefits of the SNP mini wherever you go. With just enough product in each pouch to last for a few uses, these are perfect for traveling with. Single Pack Dimensions: 2.5in x 5.6in
  • GREAT GIFT: This is the perfect gift for your wife, mother, girlfriend, or a special loved one that takes beauty and personal care seriously. SNP products are unrivaled by competition and are the perfect gift for your friends and family.

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